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Spring Finally Here!

Spring is Finally Here !  Its is a late one that is for Sure. Try and Plant early and remember to water. Not quite as wet  as last year . Tremendous Wind Storms causing lots of Damage , Soil Surface  Tension higher than last year , because of the Winds , that means it is harder to Saturate the Soil , so if you water try and give a little more water this year to get proper moisture penetration. Goodluck and May your thumbs all be green. 

Cold Winter 2017-2018
Cold Winter 2017-2018

A Cold Winter this year for sure , last  one we saw , was in 2015 January and February were brutal that year. This year we are seeing a Cold December Followed into the New Year with some records  being broken . Is this good for Trees  Yes , it will help to limit Insect Populations and help with Disease Control , it may also do harm to some of the many Weed Species . Borderline NON Native plants will perish or have a difficult recovery. Lets Hope damage is limited , being a funny year with February having 4 of all 7 weekdays (4 Mondays , 4 Tuesday , 4 Wednesday etc.) , January 1 is a Full Moon , so is the 31st , same goes for March 1 and 31 Full Moon, it shapes up to be a year of change.

 A Price Change for 2018 and beyond , We no longer offer a discount on 500 as per being 

half the thousand rate , you must purchase a 1000 to recieve the thousand rate , all seedlings 

or transplants or any of the products listed  this new price change effects . We still offer 50 for

half the 100 rate .