What's Happening


Fall is almost Here and we have some Late Summer , Fall Specials . Keep in Mind this about        the Fall , it is a great time to plant for some not all Species , Evergreens if they are Bareroot Seedlings or Transplants  should be Planted while soil tempuratures are high that means before October  15 if possible with lots of moisture applied , consistent rain or irrigation are necessary.

  Deciduous Trees that are Bareroot should be planted after leaf fall usually after the 15th of October , try and avoid planting Oak in the Fall . Kind of the opposite of the Evergreens.

FALL SPECIALS                                                  SALE PRICES  

WHITE SPRUCE 7-8' 210-240CM REG $185               $125

WHITE SPRUCE  8-10' 240-300CM REG $260             $160

NORWAY SPRUCE 8-10'  240-300CM REG $240          $125

NORWAY SPRUCE 10-12'  300-360CM REG $320         $180

NORWAY SPRUCE NARROW TAPER  12' 360CM+         $140

DEBORAH MAPLE  1.5 " TO 2" STEM 40-50MIL            $100

AUTUMN BLAZE 20 GALLON 8-10' REG $129.99          $89.99



Digging has started!

We are routing our way through the fields digging and grading the vast quantity and variety of specimens we offer at H Richardson Farms.

Please have patience as we select and process orders for varieties and quantities we have available.

Happy planting!