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Fall Ordering and Growing Tips
Fall Ordering and Growing Tips

Yes , its getting to be that time of year , the chill is in the air , Fall is approaching and arriving, if when your reading this it has not already. Common question , when should I Order for Fall ? What Care is different for Fall planted Material? How Much should I water? Evergreens do they need more or less water when Fall planted?

Ordering for Fall can be done anytime now usually a week lead time. If you are buying Bareroot Deciduous Plants , you wait until mid October until they are fully dormant before they can be dug up from Our Field.

What Care is different for Fall Plant Material ? - well , it is quite a bit different , Evergreens need to be fully hydrated to survive through the Winter that usually means a full good watering at time of Planting so a 6-7 fto (180-210cm) tree in a wire basket needs about 10 gallons ( 45 litres). Repeat again every 10 -14 days  , but remember to not overwater and take into consideration the amount of rain that has fallen. So if its rained  3 Inches  (75mil) in the last 2 weeks watering may not necessary. Clay soil will hold water , Sand leaches water, Topsoil is a mix of both. Easy to overwater on Clay , less difficult on Topsoil , Hard to Overwater on Sand. (it can still be done watch water pressure not too high).  

Our Wire Baskets contain Sandy Soil

How much Should I Water is answered above  with exception , if a Sand Ball is placed in a Clay hole and is constantly watered , a sump can form around the ball and the tree can become overwatered , because the water cannot escape fast enough therefore drowning  the roots.

Evergeens generally need more water in the Fall than Deciduous , beacause of a higher leaf surface - needles remain on tree all year around.  they are more subject to drying out  from winds and scorch .