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Summer 2018 Growing Tips!

Growing Tips 2018

Water In Morning , Early Preferably 6am to 9am , avoids Disease Problems , less transpiration loss, greater root zone penetration, plants dry naturally , and helps rid of standing water issues .

Avoid Transplanting in Late June and July ,  warmer days with new growth and soft leaves can lead to a transplanting disaster , especially on a hot humid day.  New growth shoots and Soft New Leaves act like a wick , avoid this common mistake , moving that old favorite Tree at the wrong time will permanently, remove that old tree.

No Nitrogen fertilizer after the 15th of July .  Yes that borderline hardy Azalea or Rhododendron, or any borderline hardy tree. Nitrogen is the First Number in the Fertilizer so 15-15-15 , is a balanced fertilizer, 0-15-15 is a Zero Nitrogen Fertilizer. Nitorgen enhances shoot growth thus creates soft tissue which may or may not have time to harden before Winter

Remember .... to Conserve Water where possible (above watering practice helps) , choose simple

over compound, real over plastic , and where the weeds don't grow often plants won't either!